Belgrave Lake Park Playgroup

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These are my first thoughts about my experience in the 1980s being one of the founding members of an extraordinary community playgroup: One day in 2007 on my way to work, I noticed a giant billboard on Park Drive in … Continue reading

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This story is now part of a Novella called THE LONG WEEKEND: A Sam and Scarlett Mystery.

You can find it here and there are links to where you can purchase the book. I need your support, so please consider passing up your next cup of coffee and buying my novella instead. Thank you.

Terry R Barca


When he first met Scarlett he had been dragged along to a fundraiser by friends who thought he should get away from his typewriter and meet a few people who weren’t fictional and likely to shoot, stab or generally maim anyone.


He enjoyed getting dressed up but on that particular evening he was there because he could not come up with an excuse quickly enough to get out of it.


In the past, these occasions had worn a bit thin.


The women were usually beautiful, well dressed and vacuous.


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The Search Begins



I loved her the first time I saw her, and that’s all you need to know.

She had hair the colour of rich Belgian chocolate, and recently cut it shorter but would grow it longer again, just for me. A short stay in hospital had left her looking a little pale, and her lack of makeup was not disguising her beautiful complexion. She smiled at me and spoke enthusiastically about different coloured foods. She didn’t see me, not really, and I was determined to change that. Nothing was more important in my life. She was wearing an exquisite gown that showed the curves of her petite body to perfection. She left early with her friends, and I sat in a daze, wondering what had just happened.

It was Scarlett Holmyard who triggered my fitful imagination. It was Scarlett Holmyard who gave my life meaning when things were at their darkest.

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All The Right Places

Ladies & Gentlemen, It won’t be long before my husband’s next anthology is released! It’s definitely not for kids and it’s a WOW!


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Watching, Waiting, Wondering.

Source: Watching, Waiting, Wondering.

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The Mouse Who Liked Cheezels. By Terry R Barca

Source: The Mouse Who Liked Cheezels.

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Well, I do feel very loved at this time!

Not only have I been offered a free place in a prestigious colour workshop early on July, but today an amazingly talented artist offered me a free place in her art class in August. 

So when I asked for support and guidance from the Universe, they sure came through!

Every day is a miracle and noticing, listening to the prompts around us is truly blossoming experience.

Later, I’ll tell you about my special adventures in using vintage crochet doilies for my granddaughter, Scarlett.

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