Belgrave Lake Park Playgroup

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These are my first thoughts about my experience in the 1980s being one of the founding members of an extraordinary community playgroup: One day in 2007 on my way to work, I noticed a giant billboard on Park Drive in … Continue reading

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Here’s something to inspire you 🌺My Recovery From Psychosis

People ask how I tirelessly campaign for Tharnicaa, Kopika and #Justice4Australia. People also thank me for being transparent about my lived …

My Recovery From Psychosis
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The Sun

Who imaged in the fifties that we would be able to share images that uplift, amaze and intrigue us with the our fellow humans across the globe in such an easy way?

In case I haven’t mentioned: I love my iPhone SE version 2 not only because it’s got a great camera, but also because it’s my best and fastest link to the repository of world knowledge. Not that I don’t like books! Love ‘em!

Happy faces
She’s definitely wearing lipstick today…….
Spooky message from the other side…..
I don’t even know what this plant is called but those leaves are spectacular.
My favourite!
Home, where the heart is. 💕
More than thirty years later we still haven’t figured out why this name….
What’s your angle?
And that moon….

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the trip around my phone, my neighbourhood, my effervescent mind.

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background blur bokeh close up

Photo by Steve Johnson on


Relaxing on a Monday…..

I’m sitting chilling at home today after the most immersive weekend of training about


Expressing, absorbing, sharing, intuiting


With the most honourable, courageous, empowered and open group of women who also love, and see the connection to everything & beyond, that is


within our everyday lives, our consciousness, our energy, and our spiritual awareness.

Monica warmly welcomed us into her space, where the sense of serenity, of being uplifted and supported was a delight to experience.

Pascale kept us on track with her generous, centred, focussed, but also humorous presence – camaraderie personified!

What a delight to be amongst these souls!


I am so grateful for the lessons, the encouragement, and the joyful experience!

Dear Universe, bring on the rest of this party!!!!


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Empty and Clear


Another dream….

I’m deliciously naked under my light but warm Doona on a surprisingly cool summer Saturday.

In the background I can hear the soft resonance of bells, toning effortlessly in tune with rustling leaves and summer breezes.

As I awaken a super-fast replay of my most recent dreams from last night plays before my eyes.

“I’m not being as mother-in-law like as I should. I used to be more mother-in-law like!”

I’ve got nothing against it – being mother-in-law like – as mine was superb.

“I just cannot be like that. But I’ve nothing against mothers-in-law,” I say, as my pen begins to lose its ink in a rather unconventional way, like a fine line of blue rubber exuding from its nib.

I rush to show Matthew who is sitting at the kitchen bench with a typically bemused, benevolent look, showing him the stiff line of ink as it inches towards him into a horizontal line suspended in the air – leaving my pen totally emptied and satisfyingly clear.


Photo Credit: Not Found

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Parts of Me


A Dream…..

As I enter the slightly darkened but weirdly luminescent room I see her standing in the corner not far from the timber mantelpiece.

We’ve met before, some time ago. She seems almost golden.

Shyly we lock eyes for a fraction of a second as I approach.

“Have you been doing any singing lately?”

I would have added her name to the end of my question but it had escaped me for the moment to my ever-so-slight embarrassment.

“Yes,” she effuses, “I have.”

I feel I’m seeing her in a totally new, glowing light.

There is a subtle joy that is tangible in her response, and I tingle with delight.

I turn slightly and there’s my sister, looking strong, firm and confident. I tell her she looks the best I’ve ever seen her and we hug rather exuberantly, like trees, but not wooden. A sense of harmony….

This dream feels so sweet, joyful, full of appreciation, warmth and anticipation.

Let me take it into my consciousness today….


Photo credit: Not Found

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I can’t sleep so I’m going to tell you a story about something that occurred today. Well, technically it was yesterday.

We were almost at the end of an hour or so of walking our two cute, colourful doggies around Tecoma & Belgrave.

Instead of taking the usual route along Sandells Road, I felt compelled to go a little further along the highway to the next corner and Terry agreed.

As we approached it a wiry, slightly intoxicated man who looked to be in his early 40s approached us.

He had seen Honey and I passing the Bell Tavern earlier in our walk and said he had particularly noticed Honey’s purple tail and my multi-coloured hairstyle.

He told us that his wife loved the colour purple…..
With a quiver on his voice he quietly explained that she had died the previous weekend.

I felt a sudden shot to my heart as he spoke these words, and looked into his sad eyes for what seemed to be a long time.

Touching my heart I lent towards him, and he clung to me in a long, strong, fierce but safe hug.

I reminded him that she was still with him and he told me he knew this to his core.
‘We were soul mates and always will be!’

As we unwound ourselves he said:

‘My wife’s favourite colour was purple and she always waived her colours proudly’.

He spent a moment or two patting Honey and made a comment about us all being animal lovers. He felt he was frightening our dogs because they could sense the alcohol in his system. So he bid us farewell and thanked us for listening.

He seemed comforted just a little as he walked off ahead of us on his way back home.

Such an honour for us to be present for him at a time like this. So pleased he could approach us freely.

We do not know the true impact of our being open and present each day.

On our way back home we walked very closely together, our arms around each other. Can you picture it? Terry’s arm was resting on my shoulder and mine was wrapped around his waist. We were slightly unbalanced; but we didn’t care.

Message I received:

‘Don’t underestimate the power of your presence every day’.

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DOT, DOT, DOT … 4 days to release

Dot Dot Dot … is almost here!


January 31st, 2018 marks the release date for my latest book (number eleven). More than a year in the making (I know you are happy to wait as long as the end product is as good as it can be). Good erotic prose is difficult to achieve, so a lot of work went into making the stories about real people having meaningful encounters. This book includes two novellas (actually one novella and a novelette). Read all about it sees a newspaper columnist fall in love with a mysterious widow. His life will never be the same after he meets her at a glitzy reception — not his normal habitat. Will he make it out with his sanity intact? Unexpected sees a mature woman reaching for her chance at happiness. Her life had been comfortable and devoid of passion. Now, she must choose — a life of privilege or an adventure. Her lover shows her…

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All You Need To Know — araneus1 ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER: Louis Treserras ~ Model: “Lauralou Abattu”

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Seeking Connection

What is connection?



One of the joys of Spiritualism in general and Mediumship in particular, is the feeling of being connected. All humans crave it to some degree on the Earth plane and those of us who are lucky enough to have ‘woken up’ have the extra connection associated with Spirit.

When I speak to my fellow Circle members I get the sense that each of them experiences this in their own unique way.

My wife seems to have an ongoing conversation with her guides and family members who have passed over. I hesitate to use the word ‘easy’, but it does seem that way to me.

My Mediumship ability has gotten steadily stronger over the past few years, but my sense of any form of direct connection is just that, ‘a sense’. Nothing concrete and few episodes where I have been able to initiate a conversation. I have to say that I…

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On the Bridge at Midnight.

Some nostalgic and tender words from my gifted man.
So romantic! Thank you xxx💗🌈



Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.25.15 amIMG_3286

This story is now part of TRUST and SLIGHTLY SPOOKY STORIES.

I looked for you last night, on the bridge, but I got distracted.

There was a carnival and a huge old carousel.

Something told me that you too had been attracted to the sight and sounds.

I stood by the carousel and watched it whirling by. It was moving too fast for me to be able to recognise the faces of everyone on board, so I had to wait for it to complete another circuit, then another, and another.

I stood and watched, each time expecting to see your laughing face because, of course, you would be laughing.

I waited for the longest time and eventually the carousel began to slow.

Ever so slowly it came to a halt and the happy throng disembarked, but you were not among them.

Maybe you had gotten off on the other side?…

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