• imageI can’t sleep so I’m going to tell you a story about something that occurred today. Well, technically it was yesterday.

    We were almost at the end of an hour or so of walking our two cute, colourful doggies around Tecoma & Belgrave.

    Instead of taking the usual route along Sandells Road, I felt compelled to go a little further along the highway to the next corner and Terry agreed.

    As we approached it a wiry, slightly intoxicated man who looked to be in his early 40s approached us.

    He had seen Honey and I passing the Bell Tavern earlier in our walk and said he had particularly noticed Honey’s purple tail and my multi-coloured hairstyle.

    He told us that his wife loved the colour purple…..
    With a quiver on his voice he quietly explained that she had died the previous weekend.

    I felt a sudden shot to my heart as he spoke these words, and looked into his sad eyes for what seemed to be a long time.

    Touching my heart I lent towards him, and he clung to me in a long, strong, fierce but safe hug.

    I reminded him that she was still with him and he told me he knew this to his core.
    ‘We were soul mates and always will be!’

    As we unwound ourselves he said:

    ‘My wife’s favourite colour was purple and she always waived her colours proudly’.

    He spent a moment or two patting Honey and made a comment about us all being animal lovers. He felt he was frightening our dogs because they could sense the alcohol in his system. So he bid us farewell and thanked us for listening.

    He seemed comforted just a little as he walked off ahead of us on his way back home.

    Such an honour for us to be present for him at a time like this. So pleased he could approach us freely.

    We do not know the true impact of our being open and present each day.

    On our way back home we walked very closely together, our arms around each other. Can you picture it? Terry’s arm was resting on my shoulder and mine was wrapped around his waist. We were slightly unbalanced; but we didn’t care.

    Message I received:

    ‘Don’t underestimate the power of your presence every day’.

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