Parts of Me


A Dream…..

As I enter the slightly darkened but weirdly luminescent room I see her standing in the corner not far from the timber mantelpiece.

We’ve met before, some time ago. She seems almost golden.

Shyly we lock eyes for a fraction of a second as I approach.

“Have you been doing any singing lately?”

I would have added her name to the end of my question but it had escaped me for the moment to my ever-so-slight embarrassment.

“Yes,” she effuses, “I have.”

I feel I’m seeing her in a totally new, glowing light.

There is a subtle joy that is tangible in her response, and I tingle with delight.

I turn slightly and there’s my sister, looking strong, firm and confident. I tell her she looks the best I’ve ever seen her and we hug rather exuberantly, like trees, but not wooden. A sense of harmony….

This dream feels so sweet, joyful, full of appreciation, warmth and anticipation.

Let me take it into my consciousness today….


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