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Relaxing on a Monday…..

I’m sitting chilling at home today after the most immersive weekend of training about


Expressing, absorbing, sharing, intuiting


With the most honourable, courageous, empowered and open group of women who also love, and see the connection to everything & beyond, that is


within our everyday lives, our consciousness, our energy, and our spiritual awareness.

Monica warmly welcomed us into her space, where the sense of serenity, of being uplifted and supported was a delight to experience.

Pascale kept us on track with her generous, centred, focussed, but also humorous presence – camaraderie personified!

What a delight to be amongst these souls!


I am so grateful for the lessons, the encouragement, and the joyful experience!

Dear Universe, bring on the rest of this party!!!!


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5 Responses to COLOURS

  1. ninazee78 says:

    This sounds so interesting!

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  2. sscottyy says:

    Thank you for commenting.
    Yes, it was an immersive experience & quite a confidence-builder for me. I’m now running a few different workshops and colour is a key ingredient. The next one will involve myself, an accomplished artist, and another colour therapist. Can’t wait!

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