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COLOURS Relaxing on a Monday….. I’m sitting chilling at home today after the most immersive weekend of training about COLOUR! Expressing, absorbing, sharing, intuiting COLOUR! With the most honourable, courageous, empowered and open group of women who also love, and … Continue reading

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Empty and Clear

Another dream…. I’m deliciously naked under my light but warm Doona on a surprisingly cool summer Saturday. In the background I can hear the soft resonance of bells, toning effortlessly in tune with rustling leaves and summer breezes. As I … Continue reading

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Parts of Me

A Dream….. As I enter the slightly darkened but weirdly luminescent room I see her standing in the corner not far from the timber mantelpiece. We’ve met before, some time ago. She seems almost golden. Shyly we lock eyes for … Continue reading

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I can’t sleep so I’m going to tell you a story about something that occurred today. Well, technically it was yesterday. We were almost at the end of an hour or so of walking our two cute, colourful doggies around … Continue reading

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DOT, DOT, DOT … 4 days to release

Originally posted on araneus1:
January 31st, 2018 marks the release date for my latest book (number eleven). More than a year in the making (I know you are happy to wait as long as the end product is as good…

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All You Need To Know — araneus1 ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER: Louis Treserras ~ Model: “Lauralou Abattu” via All You Need To Know — araneus1

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Seeking Connection

Originally posted on Trust:
One of the joys of Spiritualism in general and Mediumship in particular, is the feeling of being connected. All humans crave it to some degree on the Earth plane and those of us who are lucky…

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